Geek-a-bye Baby’s 2500 Likes Giveaway

Hi Geeksters,

We’ve finally reached 2500 likes! Honestly, we hit the 2500 marker so fast — we didn’t even expect it!  Thank you so much for all of your support. Starting Geek-a-bye Baby has been such an amazing, rewarding experience.

We’re celebrating 2500 likes with an awesome geek giveaway. The first item we ever sold was a Jayne hat!  So, we’re hosting a Firefly-themed giveaway.  Thanks to our amazing vendor friends, we’ve compiled some great Browncoat items for you. We reached out to Captain Mal’s Wisdom and they are going to help sponsor our giveaway, as well.

And the best part? It’s SO easy to enter and earn a chance to win a prize. Just like everyone on Facebook, tweet about the giveaway, pin all the photos, and share this giveaway!

Here are the prizes:


a Wool Jayne Hat — Your Choice of Size

by Geek-a-bye Baby


Facebook | Twitter | Store


a Serenity in Space Full Skirt

by Go Follow Rabbits


Facebook | Etsy


a Set of Jayne Hat Buttons

by Austin Browncoats

Jayne Hat set



an Ounce of Firefly Tea

by Austin Browncoats

firefly tea



a Set of “I can kill you with my brain” Buttons

by Emily Adams on Fire


Store | Facebook


a Browncoat Nerdtag Necklace

from Geek-a-bye Baby

DSC_7379 - Copy

Facebook | Twitter | Store


a Serenity Ornament

from Thick and Thin Designs

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 10.18.03 AM

Facebook | Etsy | Store


a Kaylee Bear Patch

from Geek-a-bye Baby


Facebook | Twitter | Store


a Jayne Hat-Inspired Hula Hoop

by JessHoops


Facebook | Etsy


a Firefly Bracelet

by Monkeyface Boutique




a Set of Hanging Firefly Ornaments

by House of Geekiness


Facebook | Twitter | Etsy


a Kaylee Parasol-Inspired Necklace

by Secret Cape



an Acrylic Jayne Hat

by Gromidez Dezigns


Facebook | Storenvy | Etsy


a Rafflecopter giveaway

THE RULES: The more likes, follows, pins and shares given, the more chances you have to win. Each prize will have a different winner. Once you win an item, you are no longer eligible to win another item. No purchase necessary. Facebook is not affiliated with this giveaway. Please make sure that your shared posts are made PUBLIC so they can be properly verified. Additionally, make sure that you continue to like, follow or pin the items in the contest until the contest is over and winners have been confirmed. We will verify that you have done so in order for you to qualify for your prize. If a winner does not reply to the vendor within 5 business days, a new winner will be chosen.

187 Responses to “Geek-a-bye Baby’s 2500 Likes Giveaway”

  1. shaina mclaughlin says:

    I love the ornament, would make a great gift for my Browncoat husband.

  2. Ashley B says:

    The acrylic Jayne hat is my fav item! :) It would be the wool but I am horribly allergic to wool!

  3. Telzey Bartley says:

    Love the ornaments and the skirt!

  4. Sunny Chauncey says:

    I have a couple of favorite items… I of course LOVE the very cunning hats :). The Browncoats necklace is beautiful! I’m very curious about the Sereni-Tea, too!

  5. Jennifer Vernon says:

    Any Browncoat would love these items! I particularly like the ornament, hats, and buttons. :) Thanks for the opportunity to win great stuff!

  6. Shannon Mitchell says:

    Maybe tomorrow I’ll figure out how to get all the Pinterest links off the iPad! Lol

  7. Dee Dee Leger says:

    I love all the items but the Serenity Ornament is my favorite.

  8. Kendall Chmielewski says:

    I can’t decide if i love the browncoat necklace or the bracelet best. I would be thrilled with any of it, let alone the whole package.

  9. Kizzi says:

    My husband is the biggest Firefly fan I know. He would swoon over all this shiny goodness.

  10. Sarah Wright says:

    I am nerd-lusting after that Kaylee-parasol necklace!!! I keep adding the parasol to my ThinkGeek cart and then removing it because I won’t have a lot of opportunity to use a parasol, so this necklace is perfect!

  11. Melanie says:

    My favorite is the You Can’t Take the Yarn From Me pin! Also love the Serenity ornament and the bracelet.

  12. Brittany Henderson says:

    I think the Hula Hoop is freakin awesome!

  13. Danielle Braun says:

    would love any of these but especially the browncoat or kaylee necklaces or the bracelet or one of the hats

  14. Jennifer Sauve says:

    I love the wool Jayne hat and the Serenity Ornament

  15. Brittany Stevens says:

    Eep! Thanks for the shiny giveaway! Hope to win a little something something ;)

  16. Adam Diggins says:

    All of them look shiny!

  17. Neko Chan says:

    I am so in love with handmade geeky kids stuff! I’m a mom of two with both under 3 so I am always looking for stuff. <3

  18. Shanna Gorrell says:

    I love the baby Jayne’s hat! Our 7 mo old is named Thaine, and we are always singing Jayne’s song to him, but with his name instead. Makes our little browncoat giggle!

  19. Amy Montz says:

    I don’t aim to misbehave with that gorgeous Kaylee pendant.

  20. Jamey Spowart says:

    Jane hat for my Boy!

  21. Sam Chaffman says:

    I want the Jayne hat so bad!!

  22. nikki says:

    I love the Browncoat necklace and the Kaylee parasol inspired necklace!

  23. Kelly Zehr says:

    I love the ornament. I also have a fondness for the ‘you can’t take the yarn from me’ button.

  24. Kelly Zehr says:

    Love the ornament and the ‘can’t take the yarn from me’ button.

  25. Shanna Gorrell says:

    The browncoat necklace is gorgeous! It’s hard to find Firefly baby stuff. Plus I love that you have Doctor Who baby stuff too!

  26. Claire B says:

    I LOVE the Jayne Hat!! Awesome giveaway!

  27. Annya says:

    Gah! Jayne hat! <3

  28. Coleen W says:

    I love the hat! Actually, I love everything. Especially the hat. Shiny!

  29. Lili Hill says:

    Shiny! Love the bracelet!

  30. Ferg says:

    So many great items!!

  31. VCarrasco says:

    I’ve always wanted a Jayne hat!

  32. Shaine says:

    Great giveaway! Love finding new Geeky merchants!

  33. kimberley lewis says:

    Hard to pick a favorite but it has to be the skirt. its stunning!

  34. Shari Straight says:

    I <3 the browncoat necklace best, but all these shiny items are so cool!

  35. Tif David says:

    Absolutely LOVE the Firefly skirt! But honestly, I can’t pick just one, I want them ALL!! :D

  36. Shari Straight says:

    Love the browncoat necklace. And ALL the shiny things!

  37. Jennifer Hudson says:

    What awesome prizes! I’ve never heard of some of the companies, can’t wait to check them out. Happy Holidays

  38. Jen E says:

    I love it all, but especially the Christmas ornament. :)

  39. Erin says:

    I love the Jayne hats of course, and that Serenity ornament is nice!

  40. dv8n666ways says:

    The bracelet is my absolute favorite, gorgeous and understated, I could see myself wearing it everyday

  41. Edea Baldwin says:

    My favorite is maybe the nerdling necklace…….No, it’s the ornament…..Oh heck, I love it all!!

  42. Edward Atkinson says:

    Great giveaway! Would be happy to win any prize :)

  43. Doorsie Morrison says:

    Firefly Bracelet
    by Monkeyface Boutique!!! That whole song holds SO much meaning for me!! I almost screamed & cried when I saw that!! I LOOOVE it!! I love this show! I would adore ANYthing from it! Thank you for the chance to dream!! And for introducing me to other shops!!

  44. Lauren P says:

    This is the coolest contest ever. Normally I don’t enter contests because I have bad luck, but this one was DEFINITELY worth trying for. :3

  45. Lauren P says:

    Oops, meant to put my favorite thing! I am in love with the “you can’t take the sky from me” bracelet!!

  46. Krista R says:

    I like everything but totally love the serenity ornament

  47. Amy N says:

    What an awesome give away! Love the ornaments!

  48. Angie Baker says:

    I am in love with the skirt and the browncoat necklace!

  49. Tori Michel says:

    I want that Serenity ornament for my geek tree SO BAD.

  50. Mana says:

    Oh man they’re all awesome =D

  51. Mari says:

    To be honest, I’m very interested in the tea. I love trying new teas. Oh, and the pins are awesome as well.

  52. Shellina says:

    the necklaces are just adorable but I love it all, so creative.

  53. Lindy says:

    I love the hat! and the buttons! and the skirt! and the necklace! and well all of it! :)

  54. Peggy says:

    Shiny does not even begin to cover it! :-)

  55. Arianne says:

    Lots of great prizes

  56. Arianne says:

    Lots of great prizes!

  57. Kim says:


  58. sam says:

    Love the necklaces

  59. Nicole says:

    I Love the parasol necklace! It’s so cute!

  60. Cristina H says:

    Omg I love all these but especially the bracelet and the teddy bear patch i need for my cosplay costume.

  61. Yann says:

    Love all of them, but the wool Jayne hat is my favorite ! :)

  62. Jessy Papworth says:

    I love a firefly bracelet! You can’t take the sky from me.

  63. Angie Daggett says:

    the Serenity in Space Full Skirt is too cute!! or the wool Jayne hat…

  64. Morgan LeMons says:

    I love the Necklace, hats and EVERYTHING ELSE!

  65. Michelle says:

    The skirt is my favorite.

  66. Lindsey Dollar says:

    The Set of Hanging Firefly Ornaments is probably my fave giveaway item! But wow… it’s a great array up there! Very exciting! :-D

  67. Hugh Blanton says:

    omg, baby stuff!!! And one on the way in March. Let’s hope I get lucky(er)!!!

  68. Neil says:

    It’s getting colder out. The perfect time to win a sweet hat like Jayne’s.

  69. remmy says:

    I love the Firefly skirt :-)

  70. Sarah Nelson says:

    That Kaylee parasol necklace is so clever!

  71. Katherine Hosni says:

    I love all the items. I love the Firefly series (even though there was only one season :’( ). But since I have to choose I’d have to say the Browncoats necklace or the Teddy Bear Patch.

  72. Cassandra says:

    These are all great, but I really love the ornaments!

  73. Megan Russell says:

    Serenity In Space Full Skirt

  74. Amy says:

    I’m torn between the skirt and the Jayne hat!

  75. Sarah says:

    My boyfriend has been wanting me to make him a Jayne hat for ages and I don’t know how to knit. This would be perfect!!! :D I love all of the items though!! :D

  76. Kim Turner says:

    So many SHINY things! I’m geeking out!

  77. Alma says:

    I can’t decide whether I like the parasol necklace, or the teddy bear patch better (since I’m currently making a Kaylee costume for my fandom themed 18th birthday party)

  78. Jennifer W says:

    I would love to get my hands on that ornament. Husband and I have a tradition of getting each other and our son an ornament every year – and he’s back on a Firefly/Serenity kick. It would be PERFECT!

  79. Mindy says:

    I love the Serenity bracelet!!

  80. Sunshine says:

    I like it all!

  81. Ashlee says:

    I love the Jayne hats and the jewelry! Or I should say, I love it all, but especially those :)

  82. Elaine says:

    Oh, I love them all! But I think my favorite might be the Kaylee parasol inspired necklace. It’s beautiful.

  83. Connie says:

    So love these prizes. Especially love the hats (of course), buttons and soo want the Kaylee patch

  84. Debbie says:

    I love the Browncoat necklace!

  85. Aryana says:

    Love the bracelet – too awesome :)

  86. The ornament is my favorite!

  87. Dustin says:

    Shiny! They’re all so great!

  88. noxy says:

    That skirt! It’s so lovely! Has to be my fave! :D

  89. Tonya J says:

    I think the skirt is unique; colorful & fun! The jewelry and the ornament are my next in line favorites. What a neat idea.

  90. Pansy Petal says:

    How Fun! Jayne’s hat is wonderful!

  91. Kris Chavez says:

    The Browncoats nerdtag necklace is AWESOME!!

  92. Katryna says:

    The skirt is amazing! I love it all! My three year old wants all of the buttons for her jean vest!

  93. Kristal Mize says:

    The skirt is so shiny! I love it!

  94. Kendra says:

    LOVE these great Christmas present ideas!

  95. Elizabeth Watts says:

    I love all of them! But I am very curious about the tea :D

  96. Audrey Murray says:

    Would be happy with any of these! If I had to choose I would pick the tree ornament though :) Shiny.

  97. I really love all of these, but my favorite is the hat of course and the awesome ornament!

  98. I love it all but I would love the Jayne hat or ornament more than anything!

  99. Jay Schufman says:

    Well, I’m trying to leave a “Blog Post Comment” but the pull downs on my iPad2 and my Mac just won’t work! So I found this Leave A Reply at the bottom of the page. I’m not sure I’m entering the 2500 Likes Giveaway, but I’m trying very hard! Great site!

  100. Robin says:

    <3 the Jayne Hat, My friend made one, I gotta try!

  101. Angi Rowe says:

    I really am fascinated by the skirt or the bracelet :) They are quiet clever!

  102. Kimberly says:

    I like the browncoats necklace

  103. Linda says:

    Love all this !!

  104. Amethyst says:

    The acrylic Jane hat is my favorite!

  105. Danielle Colter says:

    The Jayne hat of course!

  106. Amy michaels says:

    My husband would love the ornament.

  107. Heather says:

    I love these items. I want several, but these would be great Christmas gifts!

  108. Allison King says:

    Yay contest!!

  109. Missa says:

    I absolutely ADORE that skirt!

  110. Ryann says:

    I love everything, but I’d look pretty cunning with that Jayne hat.

  111. Serena says:

    The skirt is my favorite!!! :D

  112. Stephanie says:

    Oh the skirt- I would totally wear that skirt!

  113. bill norris says:

    the jayne hat rocks and looks so well done too!!!!

  114. Keya Millionie says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the hula hoop

  115. Angela says:

    I love anything firefly! I would be proud to have any one of the prizes!

  116. Serena says:

    Ooo, so many shiny things! Awesome!

  117. Rita Tutschulte says:

    I love the Firefly bracelet and the Browncoat necklace, but all of the items are cool!

  118. Hannah Hartman says:

    Oh god, the Jayne hat!! <3!!

  119. amy p says:

    awesome giveaway!! would love all the prizes!!

  120. FC says:

    Haaat please! :D

  121. Cat Hunter says:

    These are absolutely awesome! :D

  122. Marie S says:

    Everything on here is a must have! Everything’s Shiny!

  123. kate217 says:

    I didn’t even know SereneTea was a thing. Cool!

    I would wear the hell out of that Jayne hat, too.

  124. Misti says:

    I’d LOVE to have so many of these items!

  125. Mary says:

    So many fabulous Firefly items! I think the bracelet is my favorite, though. But I love the ornaments, and the skirt, and the hat… :)

  126. melanie P says:

    You can’t take the sky from me! love it all!

  127. Amanda E says:

    I love almost all of them. Jayne’s cunning hat is supreme, followed closely by the Jayne hat buttons and the Firefly Christmas ornament. Hula hoop isn’t my thing, so I’ll trade with Keya Millonie (commenter above) if we both win! :)

  128. Serenity Valle says:

    These prizes are SHINY! Love them!

  129. Brandy Muller says:

    Seriously love the bracelet, the necklace and the Jayne hat would be an awesome addition to my photography session stock for baby brown coats! <3

  130. Kyle Rudge says:

    Nothing says Christmas like the birth of a Saviour AND a Serenity Tree decoration. No seriously.. I want that tree decoration too. :)

  131. I’d love to win that hat! I had one before but my head was so damn big I had to give it to my son.

  132. Missy says:

    I neeeeeed this for my brother!

  133. Erin McCollum says:

    I love all of these items!! They are so unique!!!! Stay Shiny my friends!!

  134. Diane says:

    Awesome Christmas Stocking Stuffers and ornaments!! Tis the Season in the ‘Verse!

  135. Daniel Oswald says:

    Just gotta have the Jayne hat!

  136. Katie says:

    Dig the necklaces and the Kaylee patch. And the pins. Also the Pixel ornament set.

  137. Laura I says:

    My fav has to be the Christmas ornament! So SHINY!!! (may have to buy a few for friends. Shhhh, don’t tell!)

  138. Andrea L says:

    I love the Firefly bracelet. Simple, elegant, and says it all.

  139. Nora says:

    The Jayne hat and the jewelry are awesome. :D

  140. Sarah Mazzoli says:

    The skirt is to die for!

  141. Andie Neumann says:

    I love them all but it’s a tie between the skirt and the Jayne pins

  142. Kat Lipe says:

    Love it all!

  143. Elizabeth Simmons says:

    I adore Go Follow Rabbits and have drooled over their clothing on Twitter for a while now. Combine that with all the epic Firefly items and this is just shiny.

  144. Jen W. says:

    The skirt is my favorite giveaway item.

  145. J Marie Mayer says:

    I love firefly enough to have a tattoo of it :D

  146. Keri says:

    I love that skirt!

  147. What an awesome contest! A lot of talented people out there that are awesome fellow Browncoats!! Thanks so much for your hard work!


  148. Kathleen says:

    How could I choose? I love it all! I’d be partial to another Jayne hat though as my pom-pom has fallen apart :(

    • haldira says:

      We can send you a new pom pom with instructions on how to affix it…but no guarantee they are made from the same yarn. Send me pictures — maybe I can match it? :D

  149. Robert froehlich says:

    I can kill you with my brain buttons love em

  150. mara says:

    I loooooove the “Browncoats”necklace and the skirt. I want I want I want!

  151. Martina says:

    I completely love this entire set! Firely FTW. You guys are not giving away any xiong mao niao. All top class <3

  152. Tiffany says:

    My geeky self is so happy to have found this giveaway!!!!!!!! I would absolutely LOVE to win!!!!!

  153. Jennifer Stevens says:

    love this site!

  154. Claire says:

    I love the buttons and the amazing Serenity skirt is so cute!

  155. Ash P. says:

    I love the Serenity ornament and the Sereni-tea! That is just delightful!

  156. LOVE me a Jayne hat! <3 Great items. thanks for doing this for us. :)

  157. Odin says:

    omgomgomgomgomgomg I’ve always wanted a Jayne hat!!!! I would look soooo cunning… ^-^

  158. Kari says:

    So many amazing things here….would love that Jayne hat though!

  159. Travis says:

    Best compilation of geek-gifts in the ‘verse!

  160. Rachelle Cox says:

    What an awesome contest! Thanks for sharing!

  161. Monika says:

    I love all of them, but I think I’d like the Jayne hat best.

  162. Lanza says:

    the kaylee inspired necklace is just magnificent ! I just want it :D

  163. Debra Dylan says:

    I like the Kaylee bear patch and the buttons!

  164. Katie Rysz says:

    I love all of them, but the Firefly bracelet and wool hat are amazing.

  165. James Lopez says:

    I would love to get the bracelet for my wife.

  166. Jamie says:

    Oh yes, I need a cunning hat!

  167. Thomas Ross says:

    Love the giveaway, big fan of the hat and the necklace for my Firefly loving daughter.

  168. Peter says:

    These are all awesome! I want them!

  169. gina bowers says:

    My “baby” brother is the biggest Firefly fan and as much as he travels for work I just have to see his pics in those hats :) He will LOVE it :)

  170. Luna Kitty says:

    Luuuuuuurve the Thick & Thin Serenity ornament!

  171. Mary Larrimore says:

    I love the Jayne hats, the bracelet, and the skirt. I really just can’t decide what I like best. If has to do with Firefly it has to be great.

  172. Margaret says:

    oh the tea would be lovely, or the skirt, depending on what sizes it comes in.

  173. Brooke Sopher says:

    The tree ornament is my favourite!

  174. Tania says:

    That skirt! That parasol inspired necklace! All the things!

  175. ChrisMel James says:

    Favorites include skirt, jewelry, ornaments, and pins. We already own a hat and tea. :)
    Absolute favorite though is Kaylee parasol-inspired necklace. :)

  176. Love it all. Don’t think I could choose….

  177. Jennifer Brannan says:

    Too many cute things! Would be so happy to win any of them!

  178. Rach says:

    I would love the cunning hat too!

  179. Sophia Amis says:

    I love Firefly! You can’t take the sky from me!

  180. Pat says:

    I love the You Can’t Take the Sky From Me bracelet

  181. Amanda B. says:

    The ornaments are too cute and I love the Kaylee necklace! =]

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